What the Herts Advertiser has said about us:

“Carillon’s performance brought the evening’s music to a tremendous conclusion”.

“Carillon’s performance (of Paul Mealor’s Ubi Caritas) once more proved just how well the choir can handle modern music”.

“The choir immediately demonstrated some exquisite tonal qualities”.

“Absolutely enchanting sound quality”.

“The wide-ranging programme gave the choir plenty of opportunities to display the excellent skills of its members”.

 “This truly was an evening of rare delights with great artists (James Bowman and Rogers Covey-Crump) performing fine music. All, including Carillon’s members, gave performances of international standard which, in a more renowned location, would have attracted the country’s leading reviewers…..congratulations to Carillon for providing this rare treat”.

“Many things can make a concert special, and on Saturday several of them collided at the latest event organised by Carillon. They were joined at St Saviour’s by the string section of Amadeus Chamber Orchestra and the outstanding young members of Beaumont School Vocal Ensemble…. where the main work was Benjamin Britten’s delightful cantata St Nicolas. No-one present would dispute that the evening was a major success; it must be hoped that the concert was just the beginning of a greater co-operation in the future”.

“The choir excels at both early and modern music and guest conductor Alex Hall drew something special from the singers throughout the evening. The Mass (Palestrina’s Missa Hodie Christus natus est) is an absolute delight to the ear, and throughout Carillon more than did justice to the setting for double choir”.

“Concerts by either Amadeus, the St Albans chamber orchestra, or Carillon Chamber Choir, are always worth attending, but tie the two together and the result is something really exceptional. Carillon was joined by brass and woodwind players from the orchestra for an inspired programme”.